Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Esao Andrews

Easo Andrews is a painter/illustrator/designer at Baker Skateboards in New York. His work mostly depicts a series of grotesque/erotic scenes with a very strong focus on creepy yet pretty girls, surrealistic figures and dreamscapes. Dark pastel colours and bug eyed creatures flow though whilst people warp and distort sometimes losing eyes and heads, sometimes growing roots out of there faces.

When interviewed Andrews states that he gets a lot of his current inspiration for characters from women he sees on the streets around where he lives. He has also stated that whilst a lot of his work is erotic it does not come from any specific fetish for distorted bodies, more of a general interest, Andrews tries to keep this element of his work as ambiguous as possible

Andrews also puts a lot of effor into the presentation of his website which has a theme which is changed every few years. Currently the site dipicts a faceless girl on a swing and is shown in light blues reminicent of water or maybe drowning.

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