Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Esao Andrews

Easo Andrews is a painter/illustrator/designer at Baker Skateboards in New York. His work mostly depicts a series of grotesque/erotic scenes with a very strong focus on creepy yet pretty girls, surrealistic figures and dreamscapes. Dark pastel colours and bug eyed creatures flow though whilst people warp and distort sometimes losing eyes and heads, sometimes growing roots out of there faces.

When interviewed Andrews states that he gets a lot of his current inspiration for characters from women he sees on the streets around where he lives. He has also stated that whilst a lot of his work is erotic it does not come from any specific fetish for distorted bodies, more of a general interest, Andrews tries to keep this element of his work as ambiguous as possible

Andrews also puts a lot of effor into the presentation of his website which has a theme which is changed every few years. Currently the site dipicts a faceless girl on a swing and is shown in light blues reminicent of water or maybe drowning.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

We see things differently around here

I dont really know what i did with the camera but it worked. These are some sort of flowering plant in Harris Gardens at Reading Uni, they actually look totally normal to my eye but this is how the camera saw them, no editing done at all

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Walls with stuff written on

This site has been around for a while, Its pretty much what it says on the tin.
Whilst there are numerous sites dedicated to graffiti this is one that has always brought a smile to my face. This isnt graffiti as art but graffiti that makes you smile. Images on the site are uploaded by members of the public giving it a weird community feel.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Preperation is key

Preperation is key, originally uploaded by C0nt1nu1ty.

Ok so this is a complete plug of my own work but as none of my current work is mentioned on the blog I may as well start.

"Preperation is Key" was taken just by chance when waiting between bands at Mojos in Reading Uni.

Garfield without Garfield

Garfield has always been popular as a cultural icon, lazily dispensing witticisms to millions. Dispite this eazy going image Garfield has at times taken on a much darker tone. In 1989 this set of strips was published. Massive speculation circuled the internet about there origin and meaning, some people going as far as to claim that all subsequent Garfield comics were figments of his deranged mind.

Despite this a reader of BoingBoing.net working for Hallmark asked Jim Davis directly about the strip and was told it was a very elaborate Halloween play on a primal fear: the fear of being alone.

From this a new comic has recently been spawned. Garfield without Garfield is exactly what it sounds like, old Garfield strips with the titular orange cat removed. Strangely it works, somehow if you cut out Garfield the strips become bleak and disturbing. Stories about Jim having comedy arguments with his cat become a critique of his loneliness as he slowly loses touch with reality.

One wonders what was going though Jims head when making Garfield caused this nihilist subtext to appear