Thursday, 29 May 2008

Dead webcomics society

The Internet is a very strange place at times. Sometimes it seems like a violent sea where ideas are thrown against the rocks of our collective consciousness and sometimes it seems like an elephants graveyard, old information kept alive by out of date agreements on free servers, this always seemed particularly sad with web comics, left unfinished seemingly forever.
And so I'd like to share a few unfinished web comics that have caught my eye over the years
WARNING - of you are the kind of person that is easily frustrated by unfinished stories you might want to turn away now.

The first of these stories is The Right Number a Story by Scott McCloud, a noted comics theorist. It tells the story of a man who after a mixup of numbers between his girlfriend and a strikingly similar looking woman realises that there is a pattern to peoples appearances and personalities dependent on there phone numbers, from here he sets out on a quest to find "The Right Number" The story was to be a three part flash comic using an innovative system where panels moved in from the centre of the previous panel thus drawing the reader in. Unfortunately the story finishes with secition 2 meaning that there is no conclusion. McCloud has claimed that he will one day finish the story but currently that seems unlikley

The second story is Nowhere Girl. This is a story of one Asian American girls journey of acceptance of her homosexuality and the people she meets after rebuilding her life. Overall the story started off slow but showed a lot of potential. Again this story was cut off after only two editions and there has been no update for three years.

The final story is one that may or may not be dead, currently its unclear if it will ever be finished by I really really hope so as its a personal favourite of mine. Nine Planets without Intelligent Life is the story of two robot production workers called Chris and Ben. One day they notice that the robots on the production line are changing, they are being replaced with the new robot assembler 4000. Whilst most robots would turn themselves in for parts Chris and Ben are fitted with bohemian drive chips (after a drunken bender) meaning that they are capable of wild deviations in behaviour and ideas.

The solar system that Ben and Chris inhabit is a post humanity society where after the last human died content robots decided to continue society without them. These are the worlds that the two robots visit on the longest road trip of there lives. On the way they visit old earth, get nearly shot on mars, meet a town of time travellers and get lost in interplanetary space.
The story has been on the go since at least 2006 and is currently reached a resort somewhere around Saturn, new pages have all but dried up but not completely, there is a chance that the creators will finish the story as there are only three planets to go but if they do is anyobodys guess.

I hope you guys like the three comics i've shown you today
and please dont kill me if you get frustrated by the lack of endings