Sunday, 22 April 2007

Fresh Spam

I came across the art of Kipling West when it was recommended to me by the vlog mobuzztv. The basic idea behind West's work is to take a nonsensical spam phrase such as "ye shall come to my voice; of unicorns. Therefore, shall be"and turns it into a surrealist illustration (shown here). In West's own words:

"I am inspired by spam; taking something that is intrusive, annoying & stinky, and seeing beauty (or at least a bit of entertaining weirdness) in it. Spam, like another common commodity, is plentiful, everyone deals with it daily, and it can be a rich fertilizer if cultivated appropriately."

I love the dreamlike feel of West's work as well as here ability to turn something that most of us see as a major irritation and turns it into illustration of otherworldly beauty.
If you'd like to see more of West's work check it out at

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